male yukata avaWearing the male yukata can be tricky. Well, not as tricky as the women’s one, but still. Have some problems with a men version of yukata? will always have your back. Here’s an article specially for you. Use our hints to put on the male yukata with an obi and a koshihimo.

lederhosen avaShort breeches with suspenders made from leather and decorated with embroidery may look a little bit odd on a grown-up man. But go try to tell it to Germans or Austrians! It’s their traditional garment which is being used for centuries. Even today, you’ll see dozens of males wearing lederhosen – that’s how such trousers are called – on the streets of Austria and Germany, particularly Bavaria.

tie dye avaAfrican craftsmen work hard to make the most extraordinary dyed patterns on the fabric. The method is called “tie-dye”. The process itself is rather simple – you can even try to hand dye your clothes at home using this technique. But we’d like to show you how Africans originally tie-dye the cloth, leaving their traditional patterns on it. The act is mesmerizing.

full formal kilt avaLet’s find out how to put on the full formal Prince Charlie outfit. Dr. Nick Fiddes, the governor of the Scottish Tartans Authority, will kindly share a few personal tips and tricks with you. He will show you the order of choosing and wearing the garments, which he finds works best. You can really feel like a manly man in a properly worn highland outfit.

japanese yukata avaJapanese traditional outfits are very noble-looking and beautiful, but they often are extremely complicated in wearing. We’ll help you to learn how to wear the yukata – a kind of women’s kimono used in summer.

Hello everyone, my name is Ayumi Hoshino. I will show you how to wear yukata.

Korean dress avaLearn how to wear the Korean female winter clothing step by step. The outfit includes underwear, the main garment, outerwear, and accessories. You’ll find here all the tricks you need to know. How to look striking in Korean folk dress? Easy, just follow the instructions below.

MissCanadaNationaldressttlHockey! Who could forget that bit of Canadian national pride? There's miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner in the Canadian national costume at the Miss Universe show. All people love relationships with symbols and stereotypes in Canada. Maybe that's why this is the national dress that had everyone in Canada talking.

Qatar men ttl So, everybody wants to know what the Qatari «Uniform» is.

First of all, you've got to be fit.
You've got to make sure that your Thobe is nice and fit.
I wish I was fit, but you know.
(Thobe is the traditional Arabian clothing for men (spelled "thobe" or "thaub"). A long tunic).

Tradithional Chinese clothings1How do Asian-Americans feel when they wear the traditional clothes of their ancestors for the first time? Are they comfortable? embarrassed? excited? Do they feel the connection to their roots better? Here you are several short interviews that will answer all of the questions. It’s so sweet.

Ladygarment18She puts on her clothes, with help in a particular order, including, a shift, stays, petticoats, pockets, roll, stockings and garters, gown and stomacher, apron and shoes.

The shift was the undergarment worn next to the skin.
Made from linen, it was washable and protected the clothes from bodily moisture and the body from the possibly harsh textiles being worn.

A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in India: achkan, angarkha, bandhgala, chador, chaniya, choli, chunder, churidar, dastar, dhotar, dhoti, dupatta, gamucha, gandhi cap, ghagra сholi, gurgabi, jama, jutti, kameez, kurta, langa, lehenga, lehenga choli, lungi, mekhela, mundu, mysore peta, neriyathu, odhani, pagri, pancha, pavada, pheran, pheta, riha, sador, safa, salwar, sari, sarong, sharara, sherwani, taqiyah, and veshti.

gaucho knives avaThe American continents have a very long and exciting history of using cold weapons. So, these knives, daggers, and even axes became a solid part of the folk costume for some countries of North and South America. Particularly, the traditional outfits of Native American Indians (who populated the territories of the modern US and Canada) and the national costumes of Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay include the dress knives of various shapes and purposes. Let’s find out more about the mentioned dress knives.

Egyptian Couple avaWhen people hear a phrase “Egyptian traditional clothing”, they think about the attire of the Ancient Egypt. But actually, the folk dress used in modern Egypt differs much from the wrap-around garments that barely covered the bodies of ancient Egyptians. Since the 1500s, citizens of Egypt tend to cover their body parts thoroughly. Locals inherited a lot of features from the clothing fashion of Ottoman Turks, Europeans, and Muslim countries. But some tribes of Egypt are still keeping their own centuries-old tradition in clothes, e.g. the Bedouins and the Nubians.

A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in Hungary: bocskor, bikla, bunda, cifraszűr, csepesz, daróc, dolman, full gatya, gatya, guba, gyűszű, hárászkendő, harisnya, kis bunda, kodmon, kuchma, kuzsók, mellrevaló, mente, pacsa, palást, párta, pendely, pille, rokolya, suba, szűr, and tüsző.