Gomesi avaThis folk dress is rather modern compared to other traditional outfits around the world. It appeared in the early 20th century. And the history of its invention is unusual and curious. This women’s attire invented by an outlander has found its place in the traditional clothing culture of Uganda. A gomesi or busuuti gown is bright, floor-length, and made from a large amount of fabric. Of course, such clothes mostly weren’t available to African females before the 1900s. Though, Ugandan women fell in love with these long and colorful dresses so much that they became Ugandan national costumes.

Bobby Kolade avaUsing the Ugandan traditional barkcloth is a new and curious fashion trend in Europe. This fabric is unique, extravagant, and luxurious. Some fashion designers think that barkcloth can one day replace or at least be the alternative for leather. The outfits made from barkcloth are estimated by fashionistas because no single piece of tree-bark cloth is exactly alike, so your coat, bag, or jacket will definitely be one-of-a-kind.

Barkcloth avaIn Uganda, there is a very interesting and old craft – making fabric called “barkcloth”. It is literally made from a tree bark. Such eco-friendly cloth could be of a great use for our resource-consuming world and, as Ugandan people think, the answer to a global climate change. And indeed, local African designers are trying to popularize barkcloth in the modern fashion industry. We’re ready to teach you how to make the traditional Ugandan barkcloth, though you’ll need a specific tree for that.

Ugandan clothing avaAfrican designers and textile-producers realized that imported European clothes began to replace their traditional garments and force out authentic African styles. In Uganda, a few women started their own business in the fashion industry. They work with young African designers and sell locally-made clothing. They use African fabrics, traditional patterns, folk embroidery, African accessories, etc. The main advantage of such local stores is that you can order the piece that you want right away – of the right size, color, and adornments.

Beaded necklace avaAfrican traditional handmade jewelry and adornments are very special. They differ from any other folk jewels around the world. Local women and even men use plenty of them: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, anklets, etc. Beaded and bead weaving necklaces are among the most popular adornments in Africa. In Uganda, women make beaded necklaces from recycled paper. And you would never say it looking at them – they are very pretty, and colorful, and stylish.