Yemeni izaar avaIt’s known worldwide that Arab men wear thawbs, loose robes that are so convenient for the local climate and lifestyle. But few people know that sarong-style men’s skirts, typical for the Indian subcontinent and Southeastern countries, are also common in the Arab world. For example, in Yemen, Somalia, Bahrain, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and a number of other countries men traditionally wear such garments as izaar or futah.

Burqa avaThe Yemeni folk clothing culture is very diverse and interesting. As usual, female traditional outfits are much more eye-catching, elaborately decorated, and bejeweled than male folk costumes. Especially the traditional headdresses of Yemeni women in rural areas – they’re striking! But let’s find out what are the main traditional garments worn by men and women in Yemen, how they look like, and whether they’re totally unique or typical for the Arab culture.

Yemeni-girl avaThe ancient culture of Yemen has a lot to present to tradition lovers all around the world and people who are fond of vintage national clothing. This country has some magnificent pieces of outfits; some of them are still in use while others are almost completely forgotten. The most interesting are vintage handmade garments with lots of colorful embroideries, intricate gold jewelry, pieces made by a unique Yemeni tie-dyeing technique, and traditional daggers that always complement the male costumes.