Spainish dress avaThere are 17 regions in Spain, each of them has its own clothing traditions and the local folk dress, historically formed and preserved till this day. Sometimes, these outfits differ dramatically. Of course, there are dozens of curious and unique Spanish traditional garments, accessories, and jewelry pieces. But we wanted to choose 5 most typical and most interesting items of folk clothing to tell you about so that you could have an idea of how the national costume of Spain looks like. And this is our top-5 most typical Spanish traditional garments.

Spanish private avaMilitary fashion very often influences civilian clothing. Even today, camouflage fabric, trousers with many pockets, and combat boots are trendy and popular. Though, they were invented for military needs. In the 18th century, similar thing happened with a tricorn hat. What other 18th-century clothing articles came from the military? And what fashion trends were military-inspired? Richard Shortlidge, a historical reenactor, will tell us about his costume – the costume of 1740s Spanish private. By the way, a private is a soldier of the lowest military rank.