longyi avaTraditional clothing of many Southeast Asian countries includes wrap-around skirts instead of pants and shorts. The climate here is very hot and humid, so extra airing is comfy for the body and people often use loose clothes. In Myanmar (Burma), both men and women wear a wrap-around cloth around their lower body called “longyi” (lon chee). There are various ways of draping it and, sometimes, longyi is sewn into a tube for convenience.

Kayan avaThe women of Kayan tribes have an odd and even dangerous tradition to lengthen their necks with special brass neck rings. They’ve been doing it for centuries. That’s how these women identify themselves – by their attire, jewelry, and this eye-catching physiological peculiarity. The outsiders have different attitudes to this unusual tradition, but one thing truly is a fact – Kayan women’s necks attract attention and are unique on this planet.