Bangladesh avaEvery traditional dress culture has its secrets and staggering facts. And that’s so interesting to explore these most unique and telling things about certain national costume! Much more so than to just learn what garments are traditional, how they’re called, and how to wear them properly. So, let’s look at the most surprising and probably even shocking for somebody facts about Bangladeshi clothing culture and traditional attire.

Jamdani avaOne of the most delicate and beautiful fabrics in the world, hand-woven on a loom, is a Jamdani – traditional muslin cloth of Bangladesh. This fabric is used today to make sarees, which serve as the folk clothing in this country. What’s interesting about Jamdani? For example, it takes 2 weavers to work simultaneously on one loom. Also, the craftsmen don’t draw their patterns before weaving – they, like, improvise.