Pano da costa avaBrazilian women of African origin traditionally wore a distinctive garment that showed their status and heritage. It was a shawl-like piece called “pano da costa”. We can find it in many illustrations and old photos. Most often, such a garment was used by Afro-Brazilian matrons, older women. In the photos, they’re sitting with pride and dignity in their posture, wrapped in a decorative shawl and with an intricately draped traditional head tie. Let’s find out more about the pano da costa. What did it look like? What for did women use it? What embellishments did it have?

Brazilian avaA lot of people are familiar with sparkly and bright Brazilian carnival outfits, but these are far not the only garments traditionally worn in this country. There are many different folk clothing pieces used by the locals on a daily basis. These garments may be less eye-catching and scandalous-looking, but they are being used in Brazil for centuries and still are among the comfiest articles of clothes today. The local people adapted the clothing styles brought by the colonizers from Europe to Brazilian climate perfectly.