Greenland2 avaSome folk accessories are so significant for a certain culture that they become the centerpiece of traditional attire, the item you notice first. For a Greenlandic national costume, this special accessory is a yoke – a huge beaded collar you can see on the local women. And it’s not something archaic or old-fashioned, Greenlandic ladies, young maidens and elderly women, still wear yokes with their traditional clothing and even with contemporary outfits.

Greenland avaA lot of people think that the folk clothing in Greenland is very simple and roughly made from animal skins only, but you’d be surprised at how colorful and richly decorated these outfits are. Skillfully-made floral embroidery, large beaded jewelry pieces and trimmings, fine silks, and, of course, various fur – all of this and more you’ll see on Greenlandic national costumes. They are more vibrant and detailed than seems possible for such a harsh, although picturesque, environment.