Kazakh embroidery avaKazakh folk dress is usually embellished with cute traditional needlework demonstrating intricate networks of patterns and symbols. The local embroidery designs are unique and can be seen practically only in Central Asia. Where did Kazakh artisans take the inspiration to create such ornaments? Also, let’s see how to distinguish Kazakh needlework from any other embroidery around the world. What specific features does Kazakh ornamentation have?

Kazakh jewelry avaIn Kazakhstan, traditional jewelry pieces play a significant role in the local folk costume and the local culture. Kazakh jewelry makers have always been very skilled and created real works of art. They used both regional and imported materials, each of which was considered sacred and protective – Kazakhs are a very superstitious nation, so every jewelry item, every pattern, every ornament, and every shape traditionally was meaningful. And also, Kazakh jewelers are creative, so a lot of the adornments look wonderful.

Kazakh bride avaThe craft of embroidery is widespread throughout the planet. Practically every ethnic group traditionally uses needlework to embellish clothing, household items, various accessories, and other objects. But every culture has its own peculiarities, embroidery patterns, stitches, needlework techniques, compositions and combinations of embroidery on cloth, etc. And Kazakh people are no exception. Let’s take a closer look at the craft of embroidery in Kazakhstan and find out which patterns were typical, what materials were used, and what’s so special about Kazakh folk embroidery.

Kazakh avaThe Kazakh authentic costumes are extremely decorative and practical at the same time. Like any other traditional clothing, the folk outfits of Kazakhstan were historically created in accordance with the climate and natural environment, lifestyle, and beliefs of the local people. As Kazakhs are nomadic people and they live in rather harsh climate conditions, their clothes are comfy, durable, and have a high protective capability. But also, these garments are very nice-looking and ornate. The national clothing is sacred for Kazakh people, they even have numerous traditions regarding clothes.

Shapan avaHave you ever thought about trying another country’s national dress on? What would it feel like? Would it feel comfortable or strange? Would you look different? One man decided to try to wear Kazakh national outfit and share his thoughts and feelings.

Kazakhstan is a country with a rather weak political influence in the world, but its culture is very rich and unique. Locals traditionally are used to showing their status with their attire. That’s why there is so much gold embroidery, expensive fabrics, and costly furs in the Kazakh traditional dress.

Headgear avaThe folk dress of Kazakhstan is really beautiful and charming. Its cut, design, materials, and accessories are perfectly suitable for the originally nomadic lifestyle of locals and the harsh climate conditions of the country. Nonetheless, the garments are sophisticated and elegant in their own way. Every little detail of the outfit accentuates the facial features and body shapes of Kazakh people.