Kalfak avaThe kalfak headdress used by Tatar women is one of the most popular women’s accessories in Tatarstan. This cap remained in use even when most ladies switched their folk outfits with modern “city clothing” in the early-mid 20th century. Traditional kalfaks became smaller but just as ornate and cute, although the shape of this hat might seem a bit unusual to strangers. And despite the Russian gradual depersonalization of invaded nations (Tatarstan was invaded by Russia in the mid-16th century), some elements of Tatar national dress, such as a kalfak cap, are still alive, barely.

Tatar avaThe folk dress of Tatarstan is outstanding – ornate, multilayered, and richly adorned with jewelry, embroidery, and other decorations. But unfortunately, the traditional Tatar clothing is long since out of fashion. In the mid-19th century, Tatars mostly wore folk garments for any occasion (everyday attire, festive clothes, indoor and outdoor garments, winter wear, etc.), but today, you can see these costumes only during some folk festivals, historical reenactments, in museums, and worn by very few people in real life. Though, Tatar national costumes deserve to be well-known and preserved.