samakaka avaCheerful African prints used in traditional clothes are magnificent. For example, in Angola, there is a tribal fabric called “samakaka” that simply can’t be confused with any other traditional cloth. It has such a catchy and unique print that you’ll make it out even among other African folk prints. And by the way, the samakaka fabric is very popular all around the world, far from Angola’s borders, on different continents these days. Many contemporary garments, especially created by African designers, are made from samakaka cloth.

Angola avaPeople in Angola, especially men, usually wear contemporary Western-style clothes today. But some traditional garments are still in use, although mostly in rural areas or for special occasions. One of the last national garments that can be seen in the streets of Angola on a daily basis is a pano, an African batik dress. And even this item had to modernize and Westernize a little to be still popular among Angolan women in the 21st century. Curiously, at the same time, some Angolan tribes traditionally continue dressing in animal skins or not wearing any clothes at all.