Austrian dirndl avaAustria is one of those countries where dirndl dress and lederhosen are traditional garments, along with Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Bavaria region of Germany, and Alpine regions of Italy. Austrian women, both young and elderly, continue to wear dirndl for various special occasions even in the 21st century. Believe it or not, but the national attire is greatly supported by the Catholic church as well – besides the folk dress being used for church holidays, there is also a so-called “heiligen tracht” or “holy folk costume”.

Infantryman avaIn the Middle Ages, war was a routine. There were so many wars that military fashion evolved quickly. What new garments appeared in the 14th-century army? What clothing articles did soldiers use at that time? What interesting facts do we know about the everyday life of these military men? Let’s find out on the example of an Austrian infantry soldier from the 1350s. The character’s name is Niklas, he’s from Vienna, and he’s a wealthy infantryman.