Bulgarian drawing ava2The traditional costumes of Bulgaria are rich in details: weaving patterns, various embroidery designs, and patterns on the fabric. The color palette is also bright and cheerful, though the number of colors is rather limited. All of those features make Bulgarian folk outfits potentially suitable and interesting for artists and illustrators. Have you ever tried to paint folklore clothes, even if just for fun? If not, you definitely need to try.

Bulgarian avaBulgaria is an interesting Balkan country. Historically Bulgarians are ancestors of Turkic-Tartar tribes mixed with Slavonic tribes. That's why the culture of this country has the features of Islamic Turkish world and a distinctive Slavic world. The same we can say about the traditional costumes of Bulgaria and its clothing traditions. Today the folk outfit of Bulgaria is a mix of ancient and modern pieces of clothing, Ottoman and Slavic garments, general and regional features. And this mix of opposite cultures and tastes is awesome.