Bosnia and Herzegovina

Anterija avaIn Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a very beautiful and ornate folk garment called “anterija”. It is an opulent overdress adorned with a lot of embroidery and decorations. The sleeves of an anterija are especially eye-catching and striking. Let’s take a closer look at this charming piece of traditional clothes. There are male anterija as well, and they are pretty and richly embellished, but female anterija overdresses are the most impressive garments. And in this material, we’ll talk only about women’s anterija.

Serbian costumes avaBosnian traditional attire is charming. Historically, it took some features from Ottoman, Balkan, and Mediterranean cultures and combined them into something new, typically Bosnian. A lot of the local folk garments and accessories attract attention by their unique ornamentation and unusual cut. Let’s look at the 5 most characteristic and charismatic pieces of clothing worn in Bosnia, including outerwear, main garments, and footwear. These are by far not the only Bosnian folk garments, but they can tell you a lot about Bosnian clothing traditions and folk culture.

Folk dance avaThe national attire of Bosnia and Herzegovina is unique and interesting not only thanks to its diversity but also because it got some features from Balkan, Oriental, and Mediterranean cultures. It’s a curious mix of different traditions, styles, and symbols. But all in all, the local folk costume looks beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s out of everyday use. But that’s understandable – people don’t make their clothes by hand anymore, and natural materials are much harder to produce these days than modern synthetic fabrics. Still, authentic folk costumes of Bosnia and Herzegovina can be seen at folk festivals, which is wonderful.

Zmijanje embroidery avaZmijanje embroidery is one of the embroidery techniques of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is rather unique, complicated to perform, and beautiful. But the question is, will it survive in the modern world? Is Bosnian youth willing to keep the tradition and learn to embroider when they have so many activities and entertainments to keep them busy? What can ordinary craftswomen do to popularize and develop Zmijanje embroidery technique? Let’s find out the answers.