Armenia avaArmenian traditional dress is rather modest. Women thoroughly covered their body and head with clothes, but the cut and style of garments were very feminine and elegant. Also, they used a lot of delicate silver jewelry, with which the local females embellished their headdresses as well. These headdresses we will study and analyze in this article. For example, did you know that married women in some regions of Armenia wore such a complicated headpiece that they didn’t take it off for days? And they weren’t allowed to be without this headwear even with their husbands.

Replicas avaThe national costume of Armenia is gorgeous. It takes a lot of time, skill, and love to make these garments. Analyzing any vintage folk garment from any corner of the planet, you’ll see that there is a deep meaning behind the cut, design, decorations, color, etc., because people used to take their clothes very seriously. And Armenian authentic pieces are no exception. We’d like to show you a few outfits – modern replicas of authentic Armenian costumes – and share some facts about the local clothing traditions. Let’s dive into it!

Armenia avaThe national outfit of Armenia is ornate and beautiful. You can see the rich culture of this country in its clothing and jewelry. Armenia is one of those places where metal adornments are highly estimated – just look at the amount of jewels on local women; also, an important part of a men’s costume is a weapon, a dress knife – kindjal dagger. But these common accessories are far from the only interesting items in the Armenian folk attire. There’s much more to the traditional clothing of these proud people.

Emma Marashlyan avaAt the Marashlyan Photo Studio (situated in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia), one can wear an Armenian costume, listen to Armenian music, and acquire knowledge about traditional Armenian costumes, while being photographed. This business serves its main purpose wonderfully: it brings money to the owners and popularizes the Armenian culture and crafts among ordinary locals.