Algerian karakou avaThe traditional clothing of Algeria is absolutely charming and very regal-looking. Especially women’s garments, not to mention bridal outfits. Rich costly fabrics, gold and silver embroidery densely covering the surface, lush massive jewelry, and intricate headdresses. And among the most beautiful and ornate Algerian traditional garments for ladies are two wonderful pieces – a djeba and a karakou. They have a lot in common, so let’s talk about both these items of clothing.

Tunisian man avaThis traditional cloak originates from Berber outerwear, so it can be found not only in Algeria but also in Morocco, Palestine (although, it’s a women’s cloak in Palestine, with a hood but made in a different design), Tunisia, and other North African countries. In Algeria and Morocco, it’s a male garment and it looks charming, especially a white burnous adorned with embroidery and worn for ceremonial occasions.

Algeria avaThe traditional dress of Algeria is beautiful and diverse. This is a large country, that’s why the folk costumes of various parts of it can differ a lot. In this material, we’d like to show you the traditional outfits typical for Algiers, Tlemcen and Constantine regions, Berber and Touareg ethnic clothing. Did you know that in some parts of Algeria, veils are worn by men rather than women, unlike in any other countries of the Arab World? That’s right. Algeria still has a lot of clothing customs that can surprise you.

Algerian bride avaAlgerian bridal outfit is magnificent. If you’ve never visited Arab countries, there is a great possibility that you haven’t ever seen anyone dressed and jeweled as richly and opulently as these brides. Dozens of rows of pearls, massive gold jewelry, gems, embroidery with gold and silver threads – everything is glowing and sparkling. Every bride looks like a royal queen on her wedding day. It is a tradition, so those who are poorer and can’t afford so many jewels, borrow or rent them. But let’s find out what other wedding traditions do they have in Algeria.

Algeria avaAlgerian fashion is very unique. It was formed by the influence of three different civilizations: Arab, African, and Mediterranean. The geographical position of Algeria historically was the cause of culture mixing: meetings, trading, and exchanges between three worlds were common. No wonder, Algerian clothing traditions are so rich and diverse.