Georgian avaThe national costumes of Georgia are extremely elegant, especially the female garments. We’ve chosen for you several pretty clothing articles from the exhibit in Georgian National Museum. The most interesting items among these Georgian outfits are the vintage shoes of a rather unusual shape. Though, they seem unusual not to everyone – the Arabic footwear is similar. Also, Georgian national outfits are characterized by beautiful and skillful embroidery, often made by gold or silver thread. And, of course, the traditional dress knives play a special role in the men’s folk attire of Georgia.

georgian avaThe traditional costumes in Georgia were formed by the influence of nature and way of life in this country. Every man was a warrior, a farmer and a shepherd at the same time. And every woman was (and still is) a housewife, but there are very strict rules about the behavior of Georgian women. They must be modest and devout. Traditionally they couldn't show their body to strange men, only to their husbands. That's why national men costumes tend to be comfortable and warm, and women costumes in Georgia tend to be hooded and modest, but very beautiful and feminine. Nowadays these rules are not so strict, but national clothing still displays Georgian traditions and laws.