Czech Republic

Moravia avaMany Czech folk costumes look rather bizarre, especially women’s outfits with their baroque exaggerated shapes – puffed sleeves, short and very wide skirts, giant ruff collars, large headdresses, etc. But in the Moravia region, the traditional dress often appears more natural and usual to our eye. Both male and female attire are still charming, unique, and elegant; they reflect the local culture and lifestyle. And, of course, the folk costume varies from district to district or even from village to village, which is so typical for Slavic countries.

A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in Czechia: baborák, blata plena, brslenky, bunda, caftan, cervenice, fěrtoch, honzík, lajblík, jelitko, oplicko, podstok, praštenky, rukávce, šněrovačka, uvodnice, velický, vinek, výkladek, and živůtek.

czech2 avaThe national clothing of the Czech Republic is very bright. It is a mix of different eras and styles. Shawls and kerchiefs on the head came from Gothic period when people began to wear various kinds of bandages that covered hair. Pleats and lace collars came from Renaissance era. Bell-shaped skirts and large puff sleeves came from Baroque era. And beautiful Slavic embroidery is typical for all Slavic countries but with some differences.