Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan groom avaSri Lanka is one of the rare countries where the groom’s attire is often more eye-catching and ornate than the bride’s wedding dress. For example, Sri Lankan grooms wear exclusive velvet sets consisting of a short jacket and a 4-corner hat of unusual design, both richly adorned with gold embroidery. The symbols depicted on these garments are traditional and have a deep meaning. Sri Lankan brides are very feminine and beautiful in their sarees, but as for me, the grooms outshine them seriously, and then some.

Redda and hatte avaWe’ve been asked about Sri Lankan traditional pieces of clothing, other than the world-famous sarong and sari. Of course, there are a few other folk garments. And this article is dedicated to them. If you can add more, feel free to do it in the comment section. These unique authentic pieces are worth talking about and they represent the rich traditional culture of Sri Lanka. Lama sariya, dhoti, pancha, redda and hatte, kabakuruttu, and other local folk garments.

Sri Lankan sari avaHow much do you know about Sri Lankan traditional attire? The majority of people hardly know that sari and sarong are the most widespread folk garments in Sri Lanka. But not much more. We’ve prepared a few interesting facts about this country’s folk costume. The locals are lucky to have such comfy and good-looking folk clothing, suitable for the climate of Sri Lanka and pretty modest at the same time.

Sri-Lanka avaThere is no official national costume in Sri Lanka. But the most popular items are sari for women and sarong for men. The traditions in men's clothing are simpler and clearer – men of any age wear sarongs or trousers. It is a little bit more complicated with women. Their national costumes depend on the age, marital status and the event. Mostly women use sari or half sari. But there are different regional peculiarities.