Cyprus avaCypriot national costume is very similar to a Greek one, but it has its own cultural peculiarities. The traditional outfits of men and women in Cyprus are charming, modest, and beautifully adorned with embroidery and other folk techniques. The male baggy pants look unusual to a foreigner but in a good way. And the women’s sayia dress with its low neckline is perfect for breastfeeding – although, you won’t see anything inappropriate because of the embroidered underwear that covers the body. Anyway, if you have never seen Cypriot folk clothing, definitely make up some time to look into it.

lefkaritikon avaThere is an ancient-long tradition on Cyprus to make so-called lefkaritikon lace embroideries. These masterpieces helped the country, and the village Lefkara in particular, to survive and develop throughout hundreds of years. The lacemaking made Lefkara as wealthy a town as, for example, Nicosia. Though, the life of lace traders wasn’t easy at all. They were trying to sell lace abroad, without talking foreign languages, without any previously established connections, and even without enough money for expenses at first.