Modern Ao Dai avaThe traditional women’s dress in Vietnam is called “Ao Dai”. And this attire is one of the most feminine and attractive folk outfits around the world because of the special cut, delicate fabrics, and a variety of colors. It’s wonderful how this traditional clothing not only survived throughout the centuries but didn’t lose its popularity and status. Contemporary Ao Dai apparel is made from modern fabrics, including silk, velvet, silk chiffon, linen, stretch cotton, silk brocade, etc, decorated with modern prints, and complemented with modern accessories, but it looks almost the same as centuries ago.

khan dong avaThe Vietnamese traditional wedding headdress of the brides looks beautiful and unique. When you see it, you think about Vietnam. This charming hat reminds us of a frisbee with a hole in the center, especially from the side view. But it definitely catches the eye and suits Vietnamese women perfectly. To Christians, this headdress might also bring to mind the nimbuses we see at religious icons. And why not treat a bride a bit like a goddess?!

Ao dai avaIn Vietnam, the national attire is called “Ao Dai”. Besides, there is a male and female Ao Dai, which differ in design. This costume looks remarkable on a wearer, especially on women, because it fits all the shapes of a body perfectly. But did you know that authentic Ao Dai was not sexy or attractive at all? Until 1930, it used to be more baggy, the slits at the sides not as high, and the colors duller, so the outfit seemed pretty simple and ordinary. But modern women’s Ao Dai is anything but dull! We have other fun facts about Vietnamese folk dress here.

Ao dai avaVietnamese folk dress ao dai is being used for at least 2,000 years. Of course, it wasn’t changeless – it varied from century to century, from one ruler to the other, from one fashion trend to another. The modern variation of this attire is a mix of Asian and Western culture. Let’s take a look at some important changes in ao dai design. Also, we’ll talk a little about its history. Nowadays, the ao dai is considered one of the most beautiful and feminine women’s folk costumes around the world. Was it always like that?

Hmong clothing avaThe Hmong people are an indigenous ethnic group in Asia. They live in China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, and even the USA. Today, we’ll tell you a little bit about the folk dress of Black Hmong people who live in Sa Pa, Vietnam. This is a story of a young Hmong girl who knows the secrets of local clothing crafts and costume making. And she doesn’t mind sharing with us.

Vietnam avaAbout 54 different native groups live in Vietnam. All of them have their traditional costumes which sometimes look radically different. For example, citizens of communities that live on the plateau have very colorful dresses, and plainsmen wear simple, modest outfit. This article will tell you about the general characteristics of traditional attire in Vietnam, including garments, hats, and shoes.