chupalla avaMen in Chile traditionally use a charming wide-brimmed straw hat called “chupalla”. It is a lot smaller, lighter, and comfier than, for example, a sombrero, a hat worn in several South American countries. The chupalla looks good, is very functional, and adds a specific Chilean charm to the local males. Today, it is usually seen on folk performers during different folk festivals and national celebrations, but some cowboys and men from rural areas still wear a chupalla in day-to-day life.

chamanto avaIn Chile, both men and women wear a charming and very South American garment called “chamanto”. This outerwear has a significant role in Chilean traditional culture. We’re not talking only about the cut and design of this poncho-like garment but also about the ornamentation on it. The patterns woven into the fabric depict the unique local flora and fauna. Despite chamanto being a not very feminine and sophisticated garment, it performs the main function of Chilean clothing pieces perfectly – keeps the body warm in the cool and windy mountainous climate of this country.

chileans avaTraditional clothing of Chile is very festive and convenient at the same time. It is usually made of natural materials. Women's attire is rather feminine and men's costume is very masculine. Chilean national clothing is bright and, embellished with embroidery and colorful ribbons. The origin of the traditional costume of Chile historically is very old, but Spanish and Portuguese national clothing (which belongs to a much later time) had a great influence on the formation of Chilean traditional costume. So, today Chilean national clothing is a great mix of old natural handmade fabrics and modern style and cut.