Belarusian clothing avaBelarus is one of those countries with a rich Slavic heritage. The folk costumes of this country are bright and beautiful, they look rather regal even. Here are the major features of Belarusian national male, female, and kid outfits. Also, we’d like to share with you a few interesting facts about Belarusian traditional clothing and its peculiarities. Particularly, why did the local brides wear embroidered shirts with whitework? what did people do with old, worn clothes 100 years ago? how did the traditional kid garments look like?

Belarus avaBelarusian embroidery is one of the main folk clothing crafts in this country. It has deep and old roots and represents the traditional beliefs of the local people. The most interesting thing about Belarusian embroidery is that there are specific patrimonial symbols embedded in the patterns. They serve as a connection between different generations and show the affiliation to a certain family. It’s fascinating how ordinary embroidery patterns can be so meaningful and important.