korowai cloak avaThe Māori people of New Zealand historically wore a variety of cloaks, including hieke, korowai, kahu huruhuru, kahu kurīб kaitaka, and some more. Each style is different but equally cute. Māori weavers were and still are very skilled and creative. Their hand-crafted woven cloaks look gorgeous and are really functional – they protect their wearers (men, women, and kids) from harsh weather conditions and, at the same time, indicate the status of a person. Today, we’re going to talk particularly about the korowai cloak.

Maori2 avaIn New Zealand, there is no single official national dress, every ethnic group uses its own folk costumes and has its own clothing traditions. But among the most popular traditional outfits of New Zealand are Māori costumes. These garments, accessories, and jewelry pieces are made from local plants, animal skins, bird feathers, etc, so they’re truly unique and characterize this island country perfectly. Let’s find out how Māori folk clothes look like.