jewels avaIn Buryat traditional culture, jewelry pieces play a very important role. A women’s folk costume can’t go without at least several silver&coral jewels; in some cases, there are up to 10-12 items. Add to that the fact that Buryat jewelry is massive, heavy, and artfully made and you’ll get the full picture. The folk jewels often determine the whole look of a woman in Buryat traditional apparel. These people even turned personal hygiene tools (tongs, manicure set, or ear pick) and household tools (needle, knife, or fire striker) into elaborate jewelry items. And they look fascinating!

Terleg avaMongolian traditional male clothes aren’t very diverse. Many garments look rather alike for a foreigner, but locals differentiate them all right. Let’s find a difference between two popular Mongolian coats: a terleg and a deel. Meanwhile, we’ll get to know and understand these nomadic people better.

Mongolian couple avaMongolian clothing traditions are very ancient, diverse (because every ethnic group has its own peculiarities), and closely connected with the local lifestyle and climate. The traditional costume of Mongolia is unique and original. You won’t confuse it with any other folk dress. There are, of course, a lot of variations of the national attire according to the region of the country. The greatest diversity is in the shape of a headdress. Some hats are so elaborate and odd that they can easily impress and surprise just about anyone.