liqui liqui avaIn Venezuela and Colombia, men have very elegant and even dandy-like traditional attire. It differs a lot from most folk costumes around the planet. And partially, that can be explained by the origin of this suit. Let’s find out everything we can about the liqui liqui. In particular, how does it look like and why? is it used in the modern day and by whom? what special features does the liqui liqui suit have?

venezuelan couple avaModern Venezuelans don’t have a habit to wear the folk clothing every day. They even use it rather seldom on special occasions, such as weddings, national celebrations, and ceremonies. Though Venezuelan national outfit looks not too extraordinary or weird, locals prefer to use the western-style clothing instead of a folk dress. Nevertheless, the traditional costume of Venezuela is pretty and comfy. And it is the cultural heritage of this country, among many other colorful traditions.