outlook2 avaSudan is a country with typically African climate, very hot and sunny. Of course, the clothes have to be special for people to cope with such severe weather conditions. And that’s where jalabiya comes in – this robe is extremely handy. It’s light, natural, modest, and perfect for Sudan. So, let’s find out more about jalabiya: design, cut, color palette, material, etc.

sudan avaSudan is a large African country with strong Islamic and Christian traditions. Religions and beliefs of local people have a great influence on the national clothing of Sudan. As climate conditions do. Those are the reasons for Sudanese people to wear loose-fitting long attires which cover most of the body. These dresses and robes are made of light natural fabrics. Sudanese people also cover their heads: women with scarves and men with turbans. Headgears serve both for religious purposes and for protection from the sun. Western-style dresses are also used in Sudan, but they're rarer than traditional ones.