outlook2 avaSudan is a country with typically African climate, very hot and sunny. Of course, the clothes have to be special for people to cope with such severe weather conditions. And that’s where jalabiya comes in – this robe is extremely handy. It’s light, natural, modest, and perfect for Sudan. So, let’s find out more about jalabiya: design, cut, color palette, material, etc.


Sudanese traditional robe for men is called “jalabiya”. It is the main garment, beloved by the locals, and very comfy because it’s very loose and roomy.

Jalabiya is an ankle-length loose-fitting robe, with wide long sleeves. This garment is collarless, the neckline is usually round and simple.

In most cases, jalabiya is made from cotton, but other materials can be sometimes used as well. Although, they’re mostly natural cloths.




Traditionally, it is white, beige, or light-brown, though, other colors are used as well. The fabric is practically always plain, dyed in a single color, with no patterns or prints.

Jalabiya is worn over loose white trousers. They are usually hidden under the robe and unseen, as this garment is so long.


Sudanese bridal costume


Looking at all these features, it’s easy to understand why this article of clothing is so popular in Sudan. What can be comfier than a loose robe made from light natural fabric when you’re living in such a hot climate?

Jalabiya is not a uniquely Sudanese piece. Similar robes are worn in Egypt, Ethiopia, Eritrea, etc.



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