Luhkka avaAs the Saami people live in the far North of Europe, they need really warm and cozy clothing. Today, that’s not a problem, with all the modern high-tech materials and clothes-making techniques. But hundreds of years ago, people didn’t have that many options. There is one particular winter garment traditional for the Saami that is both comfy and cute-looking, and that’s a luhkka – a hooded cape that protects the top half of a body. Let’s see what it looks like and how to make it.

nutukas avaProbably the most unique and extravagant folk clothing accessory in Finland are the nutukas, fur boots with an odd upturned stiff toe. This footwear is actually traditional for the Saami people who populate northern parts of Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Russia. So, the history of these folk shoes is long, and they’re still sometimes used by the locals even in modern days.

finn avaThe national clothing in Finland is very bright, colorful and interesting. Usually traditional Finnish costumes are rather warm because the weather in the Northern Europe is severe and cold. A lot of accessories in Finnish clothing are made of leather and metals, bright embroidery and beautiful silk fabrics are used for decoration. Several centuries ago rich people in Finland used to wear impossibly beautiful costumes, but even poor Finns tried to look bright and colorful to adorn severe nature around them.