habesha kemis avaThe folk dress of Habesha people from Ethiopia and Eritrea is the world-famous habesha kemis. This garment is like a visit card of these countries – when you see a long snow-white dress with colorfully embroidered borders and stylized cross-shaped patterns, you immediately think about Ethiopia or Eritrea, or at least about Africa. These outfits are not only pretty and sophisticated, they became a part of modern fashion culture. Many fashion designers make their contemporary collections based on habesha kemis features and folk embroidery, so these dresses are worn by women in day-to-day life, which is awesome.

Ethiopian couple avaEthiopian people still wear their traditional clothes rather often. Older people and the citizens from the rural area use the folk dress every day. Though in large cities, Ethiopians prefer the western-style clothing, they also get their traditional costumes out of the closet during the festivals, weddings, and national celebrations. It’s not just because of clothing traditions and customs, but also the climate and weather conditions of Ethiopia. The folk costumes were designed to fit the peculiarities of this country perfectly, to give locals the protection from the vagaries of weather, and to make them feel comfortable.