Ruana avaFew traditional pieces of clothing are so beloved and popular that people organize whole festivals to honor them. Colombian authentic poncho-like garment called “ruana” is one such folk item. There are not one but two events dedicated to a ruana – World Day of Ruana and the National Festival of Ruana. Herewith, this traditional blanket has a rather mysterious origin. It’s sort of a fusion between Spanish capes and the traditional blankets of the Andean Muisca and Timoto-cuica indigenous groups.

colombian-couple avaThe traditional clothing of Colombia is very diverse, bright, and eccentric. It is also considered to be iconic for the whole Latin America. Besides, locals keep their clothing traditions and wear folk dresses in day-to-day life. And it shouldn't surprise you – Colombian traditional costumes are made from the natural materials; they are colorful, light, beautiful, and comfy.