Egyptian Couple avaThere are many museums in Egypt that display artifacts connected to Ancient Egypt and its culture. Of course, it doesn’t matter that Egypt is limited to only this period, but the Ancient Egypt heritage is huge. That’s why most of the folk museums listed in this post have a connection to it. But Egyptian clothing traditions are more than just pharaoh outfits, so if you’re going to visit Egypt and want to see the local national clothing, jewelry, and folk crafts, here is a list of Egyptian folk museums for you. Make your vacation more diverse and useful.

Egyptian tunic avaThis article will shed some light on the work of museum conservators. Particularly, we’ll talk about an 8th-century Egyptian tunic exhibited at the V&A. What problems do museum conservators encounter with textile pieces? How do they actually do the conservation? How are vintage clothing articles exhibited and why? These and other questions will be answered here by one of the V&A employees. Also, you’ll get a chance to see beautiful details of this Egyptian tunic.

Ancient Egypt avaWe know a lot about Ancient Egypt and its fashionable clothing, jewelry, and makeup from the movies, pictures, and books. But how do you think, have you seen and heard everything there is to know? Of course, not. There are still curious facts about the traditional attire and style of Ancient Egypt that we are glad to share with you. For instance, ever wondered why wigs were so popular in Ancient Egypt? Or are you aware that on some Egyptian statues, the beards are removable and why?

Loom avaEgyptian craftswomen from Naqada district are masters in hand weaving the scarves. This craft is ancient and it has been feeding the locals since hundreds of years ago untill today. Though, in modern days, fewer and fewer people are ready to work so hard to earn a living. The traditional handwoven textile of Naqada is exciting to watch but it is a hard labor – each step of the process is handmade: from inventing the future design and color palette to spinning the yarn to preparing the threads for the loom to weaving to finishing the scarf, etc.

Egyptian Couple avaWhen people hear a phrase “Egyptian traditional clothing”, they think about the attire of the Ancient Egypt. But actually, the folk dress used in modern Egypt differs much from the wrap-around garments that barely covered the bodies of ancient Egyptians. Since the 1500s, citizens of Egypt tend to cover their body parts thoroughly. Locals inherited a lot of features from the clothing fashion of Ottoman Turks, Europeans, and Muslim countries. But some tribes of Egypt are still keeping their own centuries-old tradition in clothes, e.g. the Bedouins and the Nubians.