Baltic avaOne of the most curious things about folk costumes is that, historically, they are formed by the local customs, climate, crafts, available materials, and other specific factors for a particular region or even city, town, or village. And it’s always fun to compare traditional clothing from different areas inside the same country. This time, we’re talking about Lithuania and its unique national outfits from 5 Lithuanian ethnographic regions.

Lithuania2 avaLithuanian folk costumes differ from region to region but the main characteristics and general appearance remain more or less the same. The real beauty of these traditional outfits is seen through the details on them. Embroidery, beading, crochet and lacemaking, weaving, jewelry making, etc – these are some of the traditional clothing crafts that indicate Lithuania and help to distinguish its folk costume from any other in the world. We’d like to show you several examples of Lithuanian male and female folk clothing.

Lithuania avaLithuanian traditional clothing is rather modest and warm; it covers most of the body, usually leaving only hands and face open. And this can be explained by the specific chilly climate of the country. Most of the garments are made from linen and wool, hand-produced by the local people. Also, the traditional dress in Lithuania is very ornate – adorned with embroidery, lacework, crochet, interweaving, knitting, and other techniques. These clothing pieces often have rather archaic characteristics, designs, and patterns.