Bunad purse avaThe traditional Norwegian women’s bunad – folk dress – is incomplete without one small but very important accessory. It’s the bunad purse or waist pocket. This purse always matches the rest of the outfit – same embroidery, same silverwork, same color palette, etc. But except for this, there is so little info on bunad purses on the internet, so let’s try to find out some more about this mysterious folk pouch.

Bunad avaNorwegian traditional bunad is a lovely costume, it looks spectacular. But also, this attire has a very distinct meaning and symbolism. In this material, we’ll enclose some information about the bunad that you might have never heard before. Particularly, what do you know about the connection between the Norwegian bunad and European fashion trends of the past? As a matter of fact, there is a strong and unexpected connection. Also, we’ll tell you when is the best time to come to Norway to see the greatest variety of regional bunads on people.

sølje avaThe traditional costume of Norway called “bunad” is usually complemented with certain jewelry pieces. The locals love silver jewels, including brooches, clasps, buttons, buckles, etc. But the main and most prominent traditional jewelry pieces worn with bunad are halsknapp and sølje. Let’s find out what they are, how they look like, and who wore them. Is it true that you can tell a lot about the person by the jewelry on his or her clothing? Are folk jewels still in trend today or are they only museum exhibits by now?

Viking avaTo modern people, the Viking clothes look weird and romantic at the same time. But what about the comfiness? Would we agree to wear things the Viking way? Our opinion is – hardly. All those layers of heavy and prickly wool or felt, leg wraps that slip off and are too tight for comfort, and lots of jingly items hung from the belt and the hangeroc beads. But the Viking folk costume is definitely unique and interesting. Each small detail played a great role in making life easier for those people.

Bunad avaNorwegian folk dress, bunad, can be called a piece of art – it is very pretty, authentic, mainly handmade, and needs a skilled craftswoman to make it. I'm here on Leif Ericson Day (in Cleveland, US) and I'm talking to two women who know a lot about the national costumes of Norway – Catherine Jorgensen McCutcheon and Vigdis Boge.

Viking spinning avaWe’ve all heard about the great northern warriors called the Vikings and their extraordinary culture (just remember their world-famous jewelry). But how much do you know about the Viking crafts and, to be more precise, the Viking spinning? We’d like to show you some tools, techniques, and secrets of spinning use by the Vikings.

Sunnmorsbunad avaNorwegian traditional costume – bunad – looks very elegant and sophisticated. It is rather simple in wearing but still, there are few tricks that you should know about. Today, we’ll show you how to put on a women’s bunad from Sunnmore region, the southernmost district of the western Norway.

bunad couple avaThe national costume of Norway is called “bunad”. It is a must-have for the natives, especially for women. But as for me, even if it wasn’t for the honor of old traditions, Norwegians should wear bunads just for their beauty. These costumes are real masterpieces, both modern and vintage ones. If to talk about the prettiest items of the outfit, they are definitely the silver jewels.