Libyan attire avaIn most countries around the planet, traditional clothing is more often worn in daily life by women than by men. But in Libya, the situation is, surprisingly, the opposite. Libyan ladies prefer a hijab to old authentic costumes, while Libyan men use a number of traditional garments, like, jalabiya, sirwal, jarid, shashiyah, etc. And the reason is, besides maintaining the old traditions, that these pieces of clothes were created for the local climate, lifestyle, weather conditions, and customs. The traditional garments fit Libyan life perfectly, so it’s no wonder they’re rather popular.

Libyan clothing avaOne of the designers of clothes in Libya, Nazar Eltim, creates traditional costumes for modern Libyan women. It is a family business for him – his grandfather founded the firm almost 80 years ago. In Mr. Eltim’s store, local females are able to buy a beautiful national outfit for about $800. It is expensive but it’s definitely worth it. The clothing pieces are ornate, made from fine silk and embellished with gold and silver embroidery, gems, beads, and jewelry.