Indian jewelry avaIndian traditional attire is famous for its brilliant jewelry items. The local jewelers make wonders with gold, silver, gold plating, precious and semi-precious stones, crystals, and even fake gems. The masterpieces they create can impress anybody in India and far across its borders. We’ve gathered a collection of photos with modern Indian jewels made to look like vintage traditional pieces. Mostly, they’re worn by brides for their weddings, but Indian women use beautiful jewelry even for festive occasions and in daily life – they try to bring beauty everywhere they go, even when their surroundings are poor, filthy, and unattractive.

Indian men avaIndian traditional women’s attire gets so much attention – all those beautiful sarees, shararas, lehengas, etc. At the same time, the folk clothing of Indian men is less famous. We sincerely think that’s not fare)). Indian male national costumes are gorgeous – bright, colorful, stylish, comfortable to wear, and include plenty of accessories and jewelry. They’re worth talking about. So, we’ve gathered for you a nice variety of men’s traditional outfits for different occasions – from daily wear to folklore costumes to wedding clothing to status outfits.

Chikankari avaIndian traditional culture estimates embroidery highly. A lot of clothes and household items are usually decorated with needlework. Just look at Indian sarees, festive sherwani, and choli blouses and you’ll notice a variety of decorative techniques used to embellish these garments. There are dozens of different embroidery techniques and stitches used in India, but these 4 types of Indian needlework are among the most popular and beautiful – phulkari, chikankari, kashida, and kantha embroidery.

Indian wedding avaIndia is a large country where many ethnic groups mingle and co-exist. And, of course, each ethnic group has its own official national costume and a whole list of various traditional garments. Let’s see what folk pieces of clothes are used in which states of India. If you think Indian women wear only sarees and men only dhoti and kurta, read this and find out so much more about Indian clothing traditions. There are plenty of wonderful Indian garments.

Indian choli avaIndian national attire, in general, is one of the most beautiful, feminine, and even sexy (in a good way) outfits around the world. Not many folk costumes can fit literally any women’s body shape this well, hiding any imperfections and accentuating lovely feminine curves. And the garment that plays an important role in this ensemble is the choli blouse – short and tight-fitting top worn with a sari, lehenga choli, sharara, etc. This top is a charming accent, a centerpiece of all mentioned outfits. Besides, the unlimited variations of choli’s styles and designs make it possible for any woman to choose the right one.

jama avaIt’s not a secret that Indian folk garments are rather eye-catching. Lots and lots of gems, sequins, gold and silver embroidery, beads, jewels, etc. are used to make any clothing piece look festive and ornate. But there’s one rare and extremely unique embellishment – sequins made from beetle elytra. They change color beautifully and shine in the sun like no other. And they are absolutely organic. This time, we’ve prepared for you something really special. It is a 19th-century jama coat with green beetle elytra sequins. Amazing sight to behold!

Dokhona avaIt is typical for people in Asia to wear different wrap-around garments. They’re often made from light and natural fabrics to help locals survive in hot and humid climates. Today, we’re going to tell you about the traditional clothing articles of Indian Bodo people – all of these garments are also simply wrapped around the body. But it doesn’t make them any less or inferior. Actually, Bodo folk clothing looks really festive and ornate.

Meenakshi avaAs you know, there are dozens or even hundreds of ways to drape a sari. It is amazing, how a simple rectangular piece of fabric can be turned into many different garments of various designs. Usually, sari is draped like a dress or skirt – it is, naturally, the easiest way. But you can make pants out of a sari with the help of just 3 safety pins and nothing else. Let’s see how to wrap a sari in a very special style. This style is called Meenakshi style or pants style.

hand block printing avaThe fabrics used in Indian traditional clothing culture are often hand-printed using different techniques, some of which are more complicated, while others are simpler. This material is dedicated to hand block printing, a labor-intensive process of applying a pattern to the fabric layer by layer. We’re sure, most of you think that these colorful patterns are simply made by a machine printing in just a few seconds, but it is a much more difficult process. Come on, we’ll show you!

dupatta avaEveryone knows that Indian traditional garments are incredibly elegant and ornate. Especially women’s outfits. A lot of people pass their festive and bridal clothing to their daughters and granddaughters. But no matter how embellished and well-preserved these pieces are, they still might look a bit old-fashioned. To avoid it, you can use some cunning tricks. How to make your heritage outfits look modern and fancy enough to wear them to a party or to your wedding? We have a few tips for you.

sari lehenga avaLehenga is a very beautiful Indian skirt used by many women in different regions of India. As you know, the national female garment in this country is the sari. And there are plenty of various ways of draping the sari. So, Indian women found out a way to combine the exquisiteness of sari and the feminine silhouette of lehenga. Both of these articles of clothing look pretty and elegant separately but combine them and you’ll get something really outstanding.

Silk weaving avaChettinad silk sari weaving is one of Indian traditional clothing crafts. In India, sarees are still often handmade. There are various weaving methods in different parts of the country. Chettinad region in Tamil Nadu state of India is no exception. Here, sarees are skillfully hand-woven, and not so many artisans possess the skill today. That’s why the Chettinad silk sari weaving is the craft which needs protecting and developing.

Mundu avaHave you ever showed your emotions or respect or personal ambition with your attire? Because Indian men often do that. For instance, by draping a mundu (men’s skirt-like garment) in a certain way, you can display your attitude to many things. Here, we’ve gathered several interesting facts about the mundu and its usage. This clothing article is very popular in India, so there are many peculiarities and rules for wearing it.

Kurta avaThis piece of article will be the most useful and interesting for Indian men. Or for those who would like to learn how to wear casual Indian clothes and look classy. We’ve gathered some info about the traditional Indian kurta and the garments it can be paired with – pants, shoes, jackets, etc. What color and design of kurta to choose? How much will it cost? What decorative elements should or should not a stylish kurta include? And, of course, which kind of Indian male attire is appropriate for certain occasions?

Sari avaWe’ve already published a lot of materials about Indian traditional clothes, but how can one be bored of this beauty?! The Indian women’s dresses are among the most feminine, elegant, and ornate in the whole world. So let’s enjoy some more photos of these pieces – the most popular and widely used female outfits of India.

Maang Tikka avaIndia is known for the diversity of jewelry used by the local women. And the jewels worn for the wedding or another spectacular occasion are especially impressive. Today, we’ll show you several super-stylish ways to wear the maang tikka – beautiful hair accessory. Some of them are traditional and are used by Indian women for years; others were invented only recently. But all of them look very Indian, very feminine, and very pretty.

Khadi fabric avaThe khadi cloth is very popular in India today. In 2017, about 460,000 of people in India were involved in the khadi production. And every year, the demand on this fabric rises – for instance, the sales of khadi cloth rose by 33% in 2017 compared to 2016. This fabric is natural and comfy, being based on cotton, with the addition of silk and wool. That’s why the khadi fabric is perfect for any weather – lightweight khadi is worn by Indians in summer and warm cotton+wool khadi is used in winter. Let’s find out the details and secrets of weaving the khadi cloth.

Assamese avaOne of the Indian ethnic groups, the Assamese people, have a very delicate and elegant women’s folk clothing. The outfit is called “mekhela sador”. Basically, it is a sari but the draping is typical for the Assam. Millions of people in the world consider sari to be one of the most feminine and beautiful garments. And mekhela sador is no exception. It emphasizes woman’s curves perfectly and hides most of the drawbacks of the body. Beautiful trimmings add some flavor and color to the attire.

Bharatanatyam avaOne of the most popular Indian folk dances is a Bharatanatyam dance. It is performed by Indian women, dressed in richly adorned costumes and bejeweled. A special hairdo is an important part of the Bharatanatyam style. Today, we’d like to show you how to make this hairdo and decorate it with traditional jewelry. It looks very pretty and elegant; the Bharatanatyam hairstyle complements the costume of a dancer really well.

Maharaja jewels avaIndian Maharaja and Maharani used to wear tons of gold, gems, and massive jewelry pieces. It is traditional for Indian culture to wear a lot of jewels, but the kings and queens gave a new meaning to the usage of precious adornments. Here you are some photos of these valuable pieces used by the Indian monarchs. Some of them are really amazing.

Sari avaIndian saree is a beautiful garment. And there are hundreds of ways of draping it. These styles of draping a sari vary according to the region of use, purpose, occasion, or even the mood of a female. In the article below, you can learn 5 more ways of wearing a sari: Rajasthani style, Hyderabadi Marwadi style, Bengali style, Mumtaz style, and Mermaid style. All of them are sophisticated and pretty.

Lehenga Choli avaThe population of India is over 1.3 billion of people. And, by the way, India is a country with strong and original traditions. So, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of locals wear Indian folk clothing. How do you think, which of the garments is the most popular among men and which – among women? Which pieces of the traditional clothes can be combined to get a perfect look? Are the male folk costumes more widespread then the female ones? Find all the answers below, together with the photos of beautiful Indian garments.

Jhumka avaIndian traditional jewels are very beautiful and intricate. Indian women use a lot of jewelry pieces which can be very expensive and made of solid gold adorned with precious and semi-precious stones (for wealthy families) or cheap fake jewels (for poorer women). But, no matter what the material is, Indian jewelry items are usually massive, intricately made, and shiny.

A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in India: achkan, angarkha, bandhgala, chador, chaniya, choli, chunder, churidar, dastar, dhotar, dhoti, dupatta, gamucha, gandhi cap, ghagra сholi, gurgabi, jama, jutti, kameez, kurta, langa, lehenga, lehenga choli, lungi, mekhela, mundu, mysore peta, neriyathu, odhani, pagri, pancha, pavada, pheran, pheta, riha, sador, safa, salwar, sari, sarong, sharara, sherwani, taqiyah, and veshti.

India avaThe clothing traditions in India were formed by the influence of local climate, beliefs, cultural traditions and different regional peculiarities. People of India wear ornated attires made from natural fabrics. They use a lot of jewelry and embellishment. Very often Indian garments consist of a simple large piece of cloth that can be draped in various ways. The national Indian female clothing is rather modest and feminine at the same time. That's why it is popular not only in India but in many other countries of the world.