Maang Tikka avaIndia is known for the diversity of jewelry used by the local women. And the jewels worn for the wedding or another spectacular occasion are especially impressive. Today, we’ll show you several super-stylish ways to wear the maang tikka – beautiful hair accessory. Some of them are traditional and are used by Indian women for years; others were invented only recently. But all of them look very Indian, very feminine, and very pretty.


Look 1. Classic

Give your hair a center parting with a comb. Place the maang tikka along the center parting and pin it in place with bobby pins. Place a small amount of lash glue to the underside of your maang tikka to keep it from moving.

Maang Tikka1



Look 2. Maang tikka with hidden chain

If you want to change the look up a little, take a small section of hair from any one side and turn it over into the other side. This will hide the chain of your maang tikka.

Maang Tikka2



Look 3. Teased hair and maang tikka

Now, let’s take this hairstyle one step further. Take the front section from any one side, tease it and pin it up the back. Do the same on the other side. This will give your hairstyle some height and also hide the chain of your maang tikka.

Maang Tikka3



Look 4. Crisscross with maang tikka

Firstly, divide your hair into 2 portions. Place the maang tikka on your center parting. Try pinning the maang tikka only towards the end. After leaving a good amount of hair for the front, clip all the hair at the back. Take the right layer of your hair and place it on the left side with some bobby pins and vice versa. Once the crisscross process is completed – around 5-6 times, depending upon the length of your hair – take some bobby pins and lock the texture you have made. Once done, you can either continue by joining the rest of your hair into a fishtail braid or just simply leave it open.

Maang Tikka4

Maang Tikka5



Look 5. Twirled hair with DIY Matha Patti

Begin by dividing your hair into a thick pack portion and leave some portion of hair in the front, enough to invert them. Take the right side and tie it with a rubber band. Don't tie too tight and begin inverting the hair. Once you have inverted the first lock of your right hair, you need to follow the same process and do it 3 times. Repeat the same with the left side of your hair. Place the maang tikka in your middle partition and let the left and right portion of the maang tikka chain unpinned. Take the chain out through all the inverted hair and lock it at the end.

Maang Tikka6

Maang Tikka7



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