Slovakia avaSlovakia is a small country with rich and perfectly preserved traditions, especially clothing traditions and folklore. There are lots of folk bands that perform dancing, singing, playing on folk music instruments, etc. And their stage costumes are rather close in design to authentic garments. So it is not a problem to find out how a Slovak traditional attire looks like. This article is dedicated to the costumes of only one region of the country – to Zemplin ethnographic area. Even inside this one single region, there are dozens of variations of traditional outfits. The more fun we’ll get!

Slovak avaThese days, national costumes are estimated highly and preserved carefully all around the world. People don’t usually wear them in day-to-day life anymore. And there is a difference between modern replicas and real vintage clothing, no matter how hard the artisans try to match the authentic pieces. So exhibitions of museum and private collections are practically all we have now. This time, we’re showing you Slovak and Czech folk costumes, beautiful garments that are worth seeing and learning about.