Jamaica avaJamaican male and female costumes are rather typical for the Caribbean region. The main purpose of these garments is to protect the body from the sun and not to restrict movement. So, Jamaican clothes are comfortable and modest but very expressive and eye-catching at the same time. Many of Jamaicans are descendants from African slaves that were brought to the American continent and nearby territories in the 17th – mid-19th century. Surely, some features of Jamaican traditional outfits are African-inspired. For instance, the headdresses.

Haiti avaThe design of folk costumes in the Caribbean is based on the culture and customs of African countries (the motherland for thousands of slaves that were brought to Caribbean islands) mixed with some features of European colonizers’ outfits. This clothing, especially the female dresses, has African charm and European modesty. Local women still wear these dresses in day-to-day life and for festive celebrations. Today, we’ll show you the beauty of Dominica’s, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, and Haitian female outfits.

Jamaican costume avaJamaican folk costumes are very bright, multicolored, organic, and breathy. Traditionally, they were made from locally produced handmade calico fabric. The pattern on the fabric was red&white plaid. An interesting piece of the Jamaican female folk dress is a headgear called “bandana”. It is connected to Asian traditions. Do you want to learn how and why? Read the article below.