Jamaica avaJamaican male and female costumes are rather typical for the Caribbean region. The main purpose of these garments is to protect the body from the sun and not to restrict movement. So, Jamaican clothes are comfortable and modest but very expressive and eye-catching at the same time. Many of Jamaicans are descendants from African slaves that were brought to the American continent and nearby territories in the 17th – mid-19th century. Surely, some features of Jamaican traditional outfits are African-inspired. For instance, the headdresses.

The national costumes of Jamaica are bright, colorful, organic, and light. The local folk clothing reflects the tropical climate and weather conditions on the island but also the cultural peculiarities of the population here.

You can find more info about the folk Jamaican garments and clothing traditions here: Traditional clothing of Jamaica. Modest dresses from bandana fabric and shoes from washed-up materials.

Jamaican female attires are long dresses or blouses and long skirts, headwear (various hats and headbands), and shoes. You do not need too much clothing in the tropical climate. Women’s folk costumes are always colorful and expressive but have a modest cut and design. When a woman wanted to show off her wealth, she wore a dress made from plenty of fabric – additional tiers, ruffles, and layers.

Jamaican male outfits are much less vibrant and flashy. They are made for comfort, function, and protection from the hot sun. The local men traditionally wear loose trousers, short-sleeved light shirts, belts, diverse headdresses, and shoes.

For festive occasions, people in Jamaica wear rather vibrant and bright clothing, both men and women. But the main features of their outfits remain to be breathability and modesty.


















Photos from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKIVvu3g7q0

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