Choga avaThe traditional culture of Turkmenistan is especially famous for its crafts – weaving and carpet making. A lot of Turkmen folk garments are typically hand-woven from wool, as Turkmenistan is a country of cattle breeders. Wool has always been available and cheap, besides, it’s warm and comfy to wear, so the locals used both everyday and festive woolen clothing. And one of the most ornate traditional Turkmen garments is a coat called “choga”.

Telpek avaA gorgeous sheepskin hat called “telpek” is very popular in Turkmenistan even today. It is a folk accessory worn by men with their traditional apparel and a symbol of masculinity and pride. Turkmen males wear a telpek not only for warmth but also to honor the tradition. This shaggy, warm, and surprisingly light headdress is a highly valued and cared about accessory. Actually, few folk accessories around the planet have the same level of respect. What else do we know about Turkmen telpek hats?

Turkmen costume avaTurkmenistan is a Central Asian country, and its culture and clothing traditions are according to the local tastes and beliefs. There are many common features between a Turkmen folk dress and the neighboring nations. For example, large sheepskin and karakul hats worn by men. But many characteristic elements of Turkmen traditional attire are truly and wonderfully unique. Let’s find out what typical garments do men and women wear in Turkmenistan, how they adorn themselves for festive occasions, and how to distinguish Turkmen traditional clothing from other folk garments around the world.

Turkmen avaTurkmen women traditionally wore bright skull-caps beautifully decorated with embroidery. In the past, a headdress was an obligatory part of female attire and going out without it equated losing her chastity. Today, the rules are not as strict and females are allowed to be in public bare-headed. But still, a lot of Turkmen women returned to wearing folk headdresses and do it because they like it and try to preserve their unique cultural features. Anyone who saw these cute skull-caps can understand their love for them!