kaross avaMen and women in Botswana traditionally dress in clothes made from animal skins because they’re durable, easy to get (Tswana men are great hunters) and work with, and it is the way their ancestors dressed. One of the most interesting Tswana folk garments is a blanket called “kaross”. It is used by the local men. And this traditional African blanket would probably cause animal defenders to have a stroke – it is created of rows and rows of animal skins sewn together.

Tswana avaBotswana is a country in Southern Africa that has rich and interesting clothing traditions. Many of them were formed under the influence of colonizers and missionaries who appeared in Botswana in 19-20th centuries. Today traditional Tswana outfit is a mix of Western-style or Victorian Era dresses with the pieces of clothing that are pure Tswana (for example, kaross – traditional blanket made from animal skins). Some costumes of ethnic minorities in Botswana also deserve special attention. We're talking about the Herero dress.