Viking3 avaIceland was founded by the Viking settlers. They brought life to this island, together with their lifestyle, culture, traditions, and crafts. So the early inhabitants of Iceland (the 10th-11th century) wore Viking-style garments and adornments. In this article, we’ll see how their clothing looked like, what materials they used to make outfits, what jewelry pieces they wore, and how many layers of clothes there were in that period. As you may know, Viking traditional costumes and jewels are very pretty, skillfully-made, and comfortable to use. These people often invented things to make life and work easier, like the hangerock and its necklace.

Iceland avaHave you ever heard about shoes made of fish skin? How many European nations do you know that still wear the ancient national costume on festivals and holidays? Icelandic people are among them. Is it interesting for you to know what material was used to make extraordinary Icelandic high headdresses? Do you want to know what Icelandic product was very famous in Europe and considered to be very qualitative? If your answer is "yes", then you must read this article.