Serbian Socks avaThese magnificent folk accessories are among the most precious pieces of Serbian culture – they are traditional double-knit socks embellished with outstanding ornamentation. Each pair of vintage socks is unique, decorated with intricate knit patterns. And, of course, they are a significant part of Serbian national costume. Let’s look at Serbian double-knit socks and find out which tricks and peculiarities they have and how they differ from modern hand-knitted socks and traditional socks of other countries.

A ZTraditional pieces of the male and female national costumes in Serbia: aljina, anterija, bojce, bošča, caksire, djudica, dolama, džemadan, fermen, fez, fistan, fute, grudniak, gunj, gunjic, jelek, kabanica, kece, konda, libada, litak, manovil, nazuvice, oglavja, opanci, pamuklija, pelengiri, pregace, šajkača cap, salvare, šamija, silav, šubara, sukman, tepeluk, tkanica, trabolos, trvelji, vutara, zaprega, and zubun.

Serbian couple avaSerbia is a curious country from the point of view of the folk costume. Serbian traditional clothing is diverse and beautiful. There is no single national outfit iconic for the whole country. Many various ethnic groups live in Serbia; therefore, their clothing traditions get entwined. It is really interesting to observe the regional features of folk attires. All of the costumes typical for different areas of Serbia are charming.