Oman avaThe national outfit of Oman is truly elegant. This is a country of the Arab world, so the folk clothing here is rather modest and typical for the Muslim culture. Although Omani men’s traditional attire might be one of the most graceful and stylish in the whole Middle East. Take, for example, these blindingly white robes, a charming khanjar dagger in its silver and encrusted scabbard, a lovely male turban of just the right size, not too big and not too small, and so on. Any man seems taut and slender in this apparel.

Omani jewelry avaThe Middle Eastern countries have, perhaps, the most amazing traditional jewelry pieces. And Oman is definitely a place where striking silver jewels and adornments are made. Though, it’s hard to find really old Omani jewelry because every generation, every owner remakes them to suit his (or rather her) taste, lifestyle, family traditions, or even modern fashion trends. Some of these remarkable jewelry items and articles of clothes are preserved and displayed in the British Museum in London.