Kira avaWomen in Bhutan wear modest and elegant clothing. And the main garment is called the “kira”. It is an ankle-long woven and stitch fabric dress worn by the local women. Let’s see how to put the kira and other elements of Bhutanese traditional costume on. Including typical Bhutanese jewelry pieces. The cut and design of various traditional clothing articles of Bhutan are rather unique, you can see some common features in these garments.

female avaBhutanese female folk attire is rather feminine-looking and easy to wear. Though, draping the dress properly can be a bit tricky. As many Asian national outfits, the dress is tight-fitting and visually elongate the woman’s body, making the female appear taller than she really is. To put on the traditional women’s costume of Bhutan, you’ll need only 5 items – garments and accessories. Let’s find out which and how to wear them.

gho avaBhutanese men’s folk costume is charismatic and unusual. You definitely notice the shoes – beautifully adorned works of art. But the whole attire sure will draw a look. It consists of an under jacket called “tego”, a robe called “gho”, a fabric belt called “kera”, a large silk scarf called “kabney”, and boots called “tshog lham”. We would like to show you these garments and the whole costume and add some curious details about it.