female avaBhutanese female folk attire is rather feminine-looking and easy to wear. Though, draping the dress properly can be a bit tricky. As many Asian national outfits, the dress is tight-fitting and visually elongate the woman’s body, making the female appear taller than she really is. To put on the traditional women’s costume of Bhutan, you’ll need only 5 items – garments and accessories. Let’s find out which and how to wear them.


Start the outfit with the inner blouse called “wonju”.




Then, wear the main garment – a dress called “kira”.





To keep the dress in place, clip the brooch (called “coma”) onto the kira. You can see two matching brooches here.




After that, tie the belt called “keara”. It is a beautiful sash embellished with patterns.






And last, put on the outer blouse called “tego”. Both blouses wonju and tego have very long sleeves, which are rolled up to add some color to the attire and for practical purposes.




And now, everything’s ready.




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