Panama7 avaThe traditional attire of Panamanian women called “la pollera” is one of the most beautiful, flamboyant, and elaborate folk dresses around the world. Any pollera looks wonderful, but the so-called “pollera blanca” or “white pollera” is even more exquisite. It’s pure white, adorned with snow-white lace and whitework. Sometimes, there are some colorful accents or accessories that only highlight the whiteness of the skirt and blouse.

Panama avaThe traditional dress of Panama looks very ornate and beautiful. It is made in the same style as other Latin American folk outfits but looks somewhat more delicate because of the amount of white fabric and lace. Usually, the dress is white with colorful prints. Also, the head adornments add sophistication to the look. This traditional attire was formed by a mix of several cultures, as Panama historically was a boiling pot of cultures and traditions from different continents.