Panama7 avaThe traditional attire of Panamanian women called “la pollera” is one of the most beautiful, flamboyant, and elaborate folk dresses around the world. Any pollera looks wonderful, but the so-called “pollera blanca” or “white pollera” is even more exquisite. It’s pure white, adorned with snow-white lace and whitework. Sometimes, there are some colorful accents or accessories that only highlight the whiteness of the skirt and blouse.

The white pollera is a luxurious and delicate traditional Panamanian garment. It is meticulously handcrafted using fine white fabric adorned with exquisite whitework embroidery. Such fabrics as organza can also be used.


Panamanian pollera blanca  or white pollera


Falling under the category of luxury polleras, it is highly esteemed for special occasions – weddings, quinceañera (“Sweet 15” celebration), and vows renewals – thanks to its intricate craftsmanship and the significance of the color white in these events.

Pollera blanca accessories and jewelry

The headdress of the pollera blanca is adorned with elegant “tembleques”, traditionally in white color as well.

To complement this attire, gold jewelry (necklaces, chains with pendants, chokers) can be worn, with a recommended minimum of 5-8 chains to avoid overcrowding and ensure that each piece is properly showcased.


Panamanian pollera blanca  or white pollera


The earrings often feature delicate “tendrils”. And around the neck, Panamanian girls and women wear the traditional “tapahueso” jewelry or a fine golden necklace.

The combs worn on the head are also made of gold and are commonly known as the “balcony”, “thoughts”, and “large-comb”. At the back, a leaf-shaped ornament called “la pajuela” can be added.

Footwear for white pollera

The shoes paired with the pollera blanca are lined with silk or satin. Additionally, a gold buckle adorned with Valencia lace adds a touch of elegance to the footwear.

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