canadian moccasins avaThe traditional Native American footwear looks breathtaking – colorful, ornate, and dramatic. For the most part, it’s made from leather and decorated with beading, embroidery, quillwork, and other folk craft techniques. Such shoes, called “moccasins”, are so very comfy. They look a bit unusual for a modern eye but charming and are perfect for walking and creeping (which is important for hunting). Here are 4 lovely vintage pairs of moccasins from Canadian Native American tribes. Their design is very similar but each looks unique and is embellished exceptionally.

Inuit2 avaCanadian aboriginal peoples lived in a very beautiful but also rather harsh environment. They needed all their skill and imagination to survive even in the northernmost areas of the continent. Warm houses and warm clothes were among the most important things for Canadian indigenous tribes, and they used every single available material – when hunters or fishers brought prey, everything was in use: meat, fur, skin, bones, sinew, intestines, claws and teeth, feathers, etc. You would be surprised as to what materials can be used to make clothing!

Parka avaA parka is one of the few truly and originally Canadian traditional garments. It was invented by the Inuit Native American tribes and was used by the local people on the territory of Canada throughout several centuries. Even today, parka is extremely popular among Canadians and thousands of people around our planet. And the changes that occurred to the cut, design, materials, and decorations of a parka are tremendous. Let’s see how a parka looked like in the 1800s and in the 21st century. Let’s compare these pieces of clothing.

buffalo plaid lumberjack avaThere is a whole discussion in comments to our article “Traditional dress of Canada. History and examples” about the existence of Canadian national costume. So, we decided to investigate this topic a little deeper. One of the garments considered traditionally Canadian is the buffalo plaid lumberjack. But can we really consider it a part of Canadian national costume? Where did it come from? And what it actually is, this mysterious lumberjack?

MissCanadaNationaldressttlHockey! Who could forget that bit of Canadian national pride? There's miss Canada Chanel Beckenlehner in the Canadian national costume at the Miss Universe show. All people love relationships with symbols and stereotypes in Canada. Maybe that's why this is the national dress that had everyone in Canada talking.

canada avaCanadian national clothing was formed under the influence of Native Indians (who lived on these lands for centuries) and colonizers from Europe (who came to Canada in 17-18th century). Also traditional garments in Canada correspond with the weather conditions and climate in this part of the world. That's why traditional Canadian pieces of clothing are: parkas, tuques, ojibwa shirts, mittens, ear muffs and so on.